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Brands – Flexibility to meet customer demands

Brands – Flexibility to meet customer demands

Success in the food industry only comes by meeting special customer needs. Building on our years of industry...

Welcome to Merschbrock-Wiese

„Grown all over the world, refined in Rietberg.“

We do not only want to eat and drink, we want to enjoy at the same time.

We do not only want to have had enough, but rather to relish it.

As recently as 100 years ago exotic products like pepper and nutmeg were hard-fought and were causes for wars. Whoever needs spices nowadays can easily order at Merschbrock- Wiese Spice GmbH.

At the consumers’ requests oriented - both private label and brands are available. To produce and to merchandise select spices and herbs, soups and sauces as well as innovative products from its own product development is the distinguishing characteristics of Merschbrock- Wiese Spice GmbH.


Saffron comes from the lily family and was originally native to the Near East. The precious bulbous plant started its triumphant march to Europe from there. This plant was first cultivated in the first century BC in Persia and Greece: the saffron threads were used there as a royal luxury spice, herbal remedy and dye. In ancient Rome the spice was scattered over the roads during triumphal processions as a symbol of wealth. Nowadays the bulbous plant is cultivated in Afghanistan, Iran and in Kashmir as well as in the Mediterranean region, in Austria and Switzerland.